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BEGINNERS (per Joan Butts) - DI GARSIDE, CAROL BLACKMAN, HEATHER COLBERT:- Lesson 1-Introduction To Bridge; Lesson 2-Language of Bidding - 5 card Major with Fit; Lesson 3-Responding to 1NT Opening naturally; Lesson 4-Responding to Opening Bids of One in a Suit; Lesson 5-Opener continues the Bidding; Lesson 6-Responder's Second Bid; CONSOLIDATION and SUPERVISED PLAY

IMPROVERS - FAY BLOWER:- Lesson 1-Overcalls (Competitive Bidding); Lesson 2-Takeout Doubles (Competitive Bidding); Lesson 3-Stayman over 1NT and 2NT; Lesson 4-Transfers over NT; Lesson 5-Strong Openings, 2NT and 2C; Lesson 6-Slam Bidding; Lesson 7-Weak 2 Openings; Lesson 8-Pre-emptive 3,4 (and 5) Levels; CONSOLIDATION, SUPERVISED PLAY and PLAY MENTORING SESSIONS

INTERMEDIATE - CHARLIE GEORGEES, DEL WARD:- BIDDING Lesson 1-Opening 1 in a Suit revisited; Lesson 2-Major Suit Raises; Lesson 3-Opening 1NT and Responses (Stayman, Transfers) revisited; Lesson 4-Jump Shifts; Lesson 5-Reverse Bids; Lesson 6-Strong 2 Level Openings and Responses; Lesson 7-Duplicate Bridge Scoring; Lesson 8-Losing Trick Count COMPETITIVE BIDDING Lesson 1-Overcalls revisited; Lesson 2-Takeout Doubles revisited; Lesson 3-Negative Doubles; Lesson 4-Responsive Doubles; Lesson 5-Balancing; Lesson 6-Michaels' Cuebid; Lesson 7-Unusual NT; PLAY TECHNIQUES (per Joan Butts "playbridge2") Lesson 1-Making a Plan, Making More Tricks with Promotion; Lesson 2-Making Tricks through Length, Finesses; Lesson 3-Making Tricks by Trumping, Discarding Losers and Combining Your Chances; CONSOLIDATION, SUPERVISED PLAY and PLAY